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by Olga Tucakov




is about finding the workout that really works for you. It is about building a lifestyle that's healthy and sustainable in the long run. It is about the love of exercise. It is about feeling good all day. Every day.

I believe in combining the passion for training with the passion for living. I believe that most principles that apply to sports, apply to life itself; that winning in a sport is no different than winning in life. Mindfulness, confidence, thinking for yourself, positivity, consistency and dedication are values that make a warrior, not just in a sport, but also in life.

Boxing Muay Thai London personal trainin


  • Advanced Boxing Coach

  • ISSA Specialist in Strength and Conditioning

  • IAO Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Personal Training

  • Active IQ Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing

  • Certificate of Level 3 Professional Competence in Sports - Bodybuilding and Fitness Trainer

My name is Olga. I am an athlete and a coach and I wish to share my passion with you. 
I started my fitness journey more than ten years ago, after leaving my job in Dubai and returning to Serbia with an extra 10 kgs I desperately wanted to get rid of. 
After trying many different training programmes and diet plans, but always lacking true dedication, I came across Les Mills, a workout I immediately fell in love with, led by inspiring coaches in a gym where I felt I belonged. And, suddenly, being dedicated wasn't an issue anymore. I found something I loved and I ended up spending most of my free time in the gym. But I didn't stop there. I have developed a passion for exercise, so I kept exploring. I joined the local boxing club and enrolled in a course at the University of Sports, first just with the goal of better understanding the principles of exercise, but which later led to a whole new career. After earning a certificate in strength and conditioning, I moved to London, discovered other great things, such as weight lifting, running and, most importantly, Muay Thai. That led to an amazing five-month trip to Thailand and a rigirous training camp - one of the best experiences of my life. 
I constantly strive to improve myself via training, different courses, workshops, seminars and tons of books (I love books!) However, the most important thig I've learned is that, no matter how effective a training programme is, unless you enjoy it, it is not going to lead to long lasting results.
Find something you love, find your passion, your calling or, simply, something you enjoy because it's motivating, inspiring or fun, and you will never lack dedication or results. 
I have dedicated my life to sharing this passion with others, helping them find a workout they love and develop a healthy lifestyle, positive mindset and overall confidence. Something that will last for life.





If your anger management sessions are not working

If you like lifting heavy stuff for the fun of it



If you wanna be stronger, bigger, faster or a winner

If you wanna be able to catch your bus without gassing out



If you want to kick some ass

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